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Smile Makeover

Most patients think that dentists are only interested in teeth. However, it has long been understood by the profession that healthy teeth are only useful if supported by healthy gums.

Gum disease causes more loss of teeth in adults than decay.

Although our academic understanding of the causes and treatments of periodontal conditions is still improving, two factors are well documented:

1 Move all the plaque every time you brush.

Ultimately periodontal disease is caused by toxins from plaque processing sugary foods. If there was no plaque, there would be no gum disease.

2 Smoking enhances the effect of the toxins.

Ferndale House Dental practice is delighted to have the services of a dental hygienist who will advise on correct brushing techniques, as well as being able to provide a range of other services. See also and follow the links to gum disease, or periodontal disease.

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